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Offcn Education Technology Co., Ltd.

Offcn Education is a leading full-category vocational education institution in China, and it is also the pioneer and leader in the field of enrollment examination training. The company bravely undertakes the mission of the times, continues to create new markets, and serves the society with kindness and altruism.

For hundreds of millions of knowledge-based people, the Company's main business covers three major sectors including enrollment examination training, academic qualification preparation and vocational ability training, and it provides more than 100 categories of comprehensive vocational training services. The company operates in more than 1,000 outlets across the country, covering more than 300 prefecture-level cities, and is rapidly expanding into thousands of counties and universities.

Offcn Education mainly serves knowledge-based employment population including college students, university graduates, and various professionals. Their age is from 18 to 45. This huge group of hundreds of millions of people is spread throughout the country, cities and towns at all levels and in all walks of life. Employment and vocational ability improvement are their two core demands.

Vocational ability determines labor productivity which is the key to China's success in overcoming the “middle income trap”. And employment is not only a barometer of economic growth, but also a fulcrum of the entire vocational education. It is also the ultimate arena for vocational education institutions.