2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

2020 is a turbulent year. The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 has severely disrupted and adversely affected the business of the whole year. After arduous efforts, the Company has maintained steady development and continued to maintain its market leadership and potential for expansion.Over the past three years, despite the institutional reforms and the pandemic, the Company has achieved steady growth in performance and business scale, systematically improved the comprehensive service level for students, and continued to maintain its leading edge in the industry.

The team built the Company with outstanding execution, and fostered the Company’s fast-growth culture through a long period of endeavoring to grow in adversity and persistently pursuing to break the growth boundary. With this kind of culture, the team always maintains the firm will and belief to create the future, invests audaciously, achieves economies of scale in a highly fragmented and regionally isolated market, strives to be closer to the optimal output, captures opportunities, and confronts fluctuations. With constant self-revolution of creative destruction, the team can always create new markets in inconspicuous places, making sustained rapid growth possible

As a knowledge-based staff-intensive vocational education institution, the Company has established a concise and effective corporate culture in the long journey of arduous entrepreneurship, with the core value of “Be Good & Do Right” and advocating altruism. Not only has it become a company system, but also the founding team has taken the lead to set an example, driven it step by step, and unswervingly implemented it in the operation, making the values of OFFCN EDU ubiquitous and endless in the enterprise. This distinctive and tangible corporate culture allows the Company to maintain strong organizational cohesion in high growth.

From the establishment of the CPC committee in 2018 to the establishment of the first CPC school of non-state-owned enterprise in 2019, the Party committee of OFFCN EDU has fully utilized the Company’s advantages of knowledge, theory and technology and actively promotes and implements the Party’s political routes, principles, and policies to its employees and students. Meanwhile, OFFCN EDU focuses on the integration of the Party’s development in non-state-owned enterprise with corporate culture cultivation, to promote the healthy and vigorous development of the enterprise. As of December 31, 2020, the Company had 9,236 Party members, accounting for more than one-fifth of the total number of employees.

Being the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan period, 2021 also marks the starting point of a new journey for our company. Looking to the future, we are full of confidence in the promising vocational education market in China. We are also soberly aware that we will inevitably encounter difficulties in the course of development.The Chinese saying goes, “The brave is the conqueror and we should enjoy the scenery with a broad vision.” As long as we do not change our original intention, stick to the values of the company and persist in creating value for shareholders, we will surely overcome all difficulties and obstacles and eventually promote the prosperity of China’s vocational education industry.