Offcn added to MSCI index series

MSCI added 61 shares and removed 18 from the MSCI China-A Onshore Index Series. The world's largest index provider announced the results of a six-month deliberation on Tuesday, the National Business Daily reported.

The 61 shares include those in rising industries such as chips (Ingenic Semiconductor), new energy cars (PutailaiNew Energy Technology and Hanrui Cobalt), food (Sanquan Foods and Qiaqia Food), bio testing (Daan Gene), drugs (Apeloa Pharmaceutical and Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass), construction materials (Kin Long and 3trees), online education (Offcn) and games (Century Huatong).

MSCI said the biggest three shares are Offcn, Century Huatong and China Galaxy Securities.

MSCI also added 56 shares to and deleted 54 from its All-China Index Series, the top three of these being Offcn, Feihe Dairy and Century Huatong.

The changes will be implemented as of the close of May 29, 2020.